TinkerRTK Case

We designed a case for TinkerRTK that works with any combination of TinkerNav and accessory boards and uses our 3.2 inch TFT LCD screen with touchscreen attached to a PCB board and including a flat ribbon connector to connect to the TinkerNav base board.  The files are <available> to print yourself or a service like JLC to have the designs printed for you for less than $20. The prints pictures are from JLC’s using their SLA black resin.

The view of the inside of the populated case shows that in addition to the TinkerNav board you also need a TinkerCharge to connect to and charge the battery, a 3.7V lithium ion battery, and a 8.5 mm X 13.5 mm rocker switch that mounts into the hole in the side.

Software examples for using the display board with TinkerNav are at our <GitHub>.