RTK for the Tinkerer

You can now incorporate 1 centimeter level accuracy into your next project using Real Time Kinetic (RTK) GPS for less than ever before. Advances in GPS receivers, RTK algorithms, and micro-processors allows us to offer fully open source solutions that are easy to use in your projects or run as standalone devices on a reasonable budget.

TinkerRTK leverages the SkyTraq PX1125R L1/L5 receiver, which provide a lower cost alternative to Ublox ZED-F9P with similar real world RTK performance. The SkyTraq receiver performs all the RTK processing onboard the receivers, outputting an RTK solution for you to use in your project.

TinkerNav adds additional flexibility with a built in RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico’s microprocessor) and an ESP32-C3 WiFi and BlueTooth radio. Sample open source programs are included for a variety of use cases.  Program the processor and radio from the USB-C connections using the Arduino IDE or other supported IDEs. Connect the TinkerNav headers to your own project, a bread board, or one or more of the available accessory boards. Accessory boards include an affordable TinkerSend LoRa radio, a TinkerSend Mobile 4G cellular modem, a TinkerCharge board for operating your project with a battery including USB or solar charging, and a touch screen display with board.

TinkerNav weighs in at only 10 grams and measures 25 X 70 mm, making it light weight and compact enough for even compact projects.