L1/L2/L5 High Gain Multi-GNSS Antenna

We offer an affordable GNSS antenna covering all the L1/L2/L5 bands supported by the PX1125R and PX1122R TinkerRTK receivers. The antenna has a high 38 dB L1 and 40 dB L2 LNA gain, which gives you better signal for RTK calculations in difficult areas.  

Receiver and Antenna Frequencies

There are many GNSS antennas available, but many do not offer the frequencies that are supported by TinkerNav. Less expensive antennas often only support one of the bands supported by TinkerNav. Using one of these antennas means that fewer satellites will be detected and it will be more difficult to calculate an RTK solution where portions of the sky are blocked.

The frequencies supported by PX1122R and PX1125R receivers used in the two TinkerNav versions, as well as the frequencies supported by the multi-GNSS antenna are shown in the table below.

Additional Antenna Parameters

Antenna gain and other properties are shown below. The Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) gain is an important parameter in antennas used for RTK applications since raising the signal to noise ratio of satellite signals is important to maintaining an RTK solution.

Antenna Physical Properties

The antenna includes a magnet mount on the underside for applications such as mounting to a car. The cable is 3 meters long with an SMA connector at the end.